Monday, July 14, 2014

I'm back...and I'm BIGGER and NOT so much BETTER!

Where should I begin...

Let's start at the very beginning...Hi, my name is Treva and I have an addiction to food! There...I said it, AGAIN!!! This addiction started about 38 years ago, when I was first exposed to solid foods as an infant. Food and I have been BESTIES ever since...

The reality of my food addiction is is my safety blanket! When I am happy, I celebrate with food. When I am sad, I surround myself with food. When I am stressed...well, let's just say it gets UGLY! 

My third graders know we need food, water, and shelter for survival...they have been learning this since Kindergarten. In Health and PE, they learn about the important of a balanced diet and exercise...and they just LOVE to tell me how unbalanced my diet is and that a walk would do me good. You have got to LOVE third graders and their brutal honesty...they think they are so adorable, while my thoughts on the matter differ!

I would like to think I made this decision to reinvent myself all on my own, but I have to thank several of my former students. I moved up with six of my second graders last school year...they will remain nameless for all intents and purposes. Sweet angel baby #1 was the most vocal of the six...she did not mind telling me her thoughts about me at all. For example, "Ms. Moeller, I've noticed you are wearing your "fat" dresses again...don't you think it's time to do something about that?" Now, most people would be all "Oh no she didn't..." but I appreciate sarcasm! In all honesty, she had a point...

If you have read any of my previous posts then you know I have addressed a few of my favorite things in life...cookies, pastries, and soft drinks. Sweet angel baby #2 was vocal, but not as vocal as SAB #1...she liked to tell me all the negatives of soft drinks and how they were quickly killing me from the inside. I tried to rationalize that the soft drinks were "water-based" beverages and she tried to explain that the high fructose corn syrup and other additives and preservatives made it a "toxic" beverage...she was too smart for her own good!

For Lent this year I sacrificed soft drinks...I lasted 42 days! However, the first sip of that nectar from the Gods and I was back in my old saddle again. They say it takes 21 days to break a habit...whoever said this LIED!!! I have drank MORE water in the past 90 minutes than I have in the past week...and I anticipate a massive headache later today!

So, I know you are asking...what is going to make THIS time different from the others? Good question! While I was at my recent allergist appointment my doctor shared some vital statistics from my lung capacity lungs function like that of a 52 year old. Ummm, I won't be 52 for another 12 years!!! I'm tired of my knees aching as a result of having a BMI that is one point higher than my age next month. It's embarrassing that I have to "roll" out of bed in the mornings. You know it's bad when you crave fresh fruits and vegetables as opposed to fried chicken, fries, and bread with a Coke or sweet tea to drink. Even the dog needs a lifestyle change...she has gained 4+ pounds in the past 3 years because she likes her fries also!

Today started my 24-day Advocare challenge...and let me just say it HAS been a challenge! I want to believe that I am not old enough for a Metamucil-like fiber drink, but that's about the only "safe" way of getting the toxins people still get colonics? Drink some citrus-flavored fiber with mandarin orange-flavored water or let someone put a ShopVac hose up your butt and "flush" out all the toxins...hmmm, I'll take the drink please! I kept trying to find reasons for putting off day 1 until tomorrow, but I figured I'd "lady-up" for once and start today...

So, I haven't moved any mountains yet...but it's only been 2 hours! I have weighed and measured myself...which was some personal entertainment. Something tells me that having a "BIG" number on my measurements isn't the same as having "BIG" numbers on a score board...GO Team!?

Stay tuned for more "insight" into this roller coaster ride! Please make sure your safety belt is tightened and all hands, feet, and personal items remain inside the car at all times...

Sunday, December 29, 2013

In the beginning...

In the beginning, this blog was intended to chronicle the journey of my weight loss adventures...don't worry, I'm still on that journey! I have decided that blogging is therapeutic, so I am going to start back for the new year.

First, let's recap on 2013...
This has been my first full year as a home owner! I have learned that being a homeowner is definitely a journey! For example, the home owner should not be washing dishes and have the kitchen sink drop into the kitchen cabinet. A shout out to dad and Dale for coming to the rescue...again. I have many projects to complete in 2014, such as getting the painting finished upstairs and downstairs and deciding the purpose of the loft upstairs...stay tuned for posts!

This year I decided to take a plunge and move to third grade...what a wild and crazy adventure that has been. I won't say I'm TOTY material, but I might be getting the hang of it...finally! I was blessed to bring 5 of my second graders to third grade with me, so that has helped my sanity greatly! I have also been blessed to have a great team of ladies that have welcomed me into their group. What doesn't kill me will definitely make me a stronger person...

As 2013 comes to a close, I'm excited to see what 2014 has in store for me...I'm choosing to live one day at a time! My wish is to be a happier, healthier person in the new year...which is my wish for all!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's official...I am a HOMEOWNER!!!!!

"He (or in my case, she) is happiest, be he king or peasant (or in my case, be she queen or peasant), who find peace in his (or in my case, her) home." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

This quote could not be more accurate as I type this first post in my new home! With the help of my parents, Carrie, and Krystine, I moved out of the apartment I called home from August 30, 2008 until June 18, 2012. It was my home with my ex-husband from August 30, 2008 until July 4, 2010. It was the home where I lived as I picked up the pieces of my shattered life and set goals for my future. I have to admit, it was therapuetic to put an end to that stage of my life!

When I last posted, my real estate agent and I had written contracts on three houses and we were waiting to hear which one would be accepted. I am now the owner of...contract #8!
I closed on this listing on June 22, 2012! It has hardwood floors downstairs and features an entryway, a kitchen with granite countertops, a dining room/living room, a powder room, a laundry room, and a bedroom with ensuite. Upstairs features a bedroom with ensuite, a guest bedroom with a balcony, and a loft with a widow's walk porch. Carrie and Krystine lived with me from June 26th to October 12th...they they closed on their own home!

I have enjoyed being a home owner and having family and friends help me make executive decisions about decor! Right now, the home decor is a constant work in progress. My primary goal is to finish painting the downstairs and upstairs. My next goal is to figure out what to do with the guest rooms upstairs...of course, paint will be involved!

Now, I think I am ready to focus on my personal self again! Weight Watchers online, why yes I think Thursday is my big day! I know, it's beginning to look a lot like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years...but everyday is a gift from God, so I might as well start sooner than later! Keep posted...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Oh, the Places I Have Been...

Hello, followers! I know you probably wonder where my blog has been and how my weight loss is going since the last post. First, let me address those two questions...I have been on an emotional roller coaster in the real estate world that has lead to my weight loss demise. I have not been an active participant in WW in the past three months...I would love to blame it on an emotional eating disorder, but it is a lack of personal willpower!

So, I decided at tax time to pursue the purchase of my first home. I have been divorced almost two years and I am finally recovering from the financial strains of my marriage. After contacting family and friends for recommendations for a real estate agent in Gwinnett County, my friend L introduced me to TC of Keller Williams. TC has been a wonderful real estate agent to work with and our collaboration on finding my first place has been nothing but ENTERTAINING!!!

OFFER #1: A three bedroom/two bathroom roommate floor plan with a bonus room in a subdivision in Buford. It needed some TLC, but it had potential. I put in the offer when the house was going through the short sale process, but it went into foreclosure and the bank wanted more money that I was willing to offer...FAIL #1.

Let me also tell you that my sister and her girlfriend needed to get out of a hostile living arrangement, so they moved into my one bedroom/one bathroom apartment in March with the intentions of renting a room in my new house. So, we have three adults, a dog, and a fish living in >900 sq.ft.

OFFER #2: A three bedroom/two bathroom with a bonus room in a subdivision in Lawrenceville. It was a little cramped, but it had potential also. I put in the offer after the short sale paperwork had been filed, but the mortgage company decided the sellers needed to consider refinancing first...FAIL #2.

OFFER #3: A three bedroom/two bathroom roommate floor plan in a swim/tennis subdivision in Lawrenceville. It needed a kitchen update and landscaping, but it had potential. I put in an offer, did the counter-offer dance, and agreed on a price. However, the listing agent committed a severe case of unethical real estate professionalism and again I removed my offer...FAIL #3

OFFER #4: A three bedroom/two bathroom roommate floor plan in the same swim/tennis subdivision in Lawrenceville. It was been updated by the lovely couple that owned it as we received a tour from the lady of the house...the first move-in ready home! I made an offer and the seller decided she wanted to increase the price by $30K to cover her updates...FAIL #4.

By this point, I have looked at five houses and made four offers...I am now officially done with houses and consider a townhouse. In the meantime, the girls are still living with me and I have notified the leasing office of my intent to vacate my apartment by May 31st...which gets extended to June 18th. Also, my mother tripped over my grandmother's dog last June. After a year of complications a MRI determines she has torn one of the four muscles in her rotator cuff in two places and needs to have a surgical procedure to repair the tears and a pin inserted. So, school is out and I am going back and forth between Suwanee and Athens, while trying to meet a June 18th deadline.

OFFER #5: A two bedroom/two and a half bathroom townhouse with a loft in a swim community in Buford. It has been updated and is move in ready. I made an offer and because the HOA was above it deliquency rate, I would have to pay cash for the purchase...ummm, NO! FAIL #5

OFFER #6: A super cute three bedroom/three and a half bathroom townhouse in Buford. It was move in ready and I decided THIS was the ONE!!! It went on the market at closing on Friday and by 1:00 on Saturday, I make an offer. After another counter-offer dance, I go under contract on this townhouse on Tuesday morning. At this point, I have moved on to my THIRD mortgage company since beginning this whole process! JR meets with me on Wednesday morning and in two and a half hours, I have my initial loan application ready to go to the underwriter...contingent on the home inspection, termite inspection, and home appraisal. So, I schedule a party at the townhouse for Friday morning...the home inspector takes two and a half hours to walk me through the townhouse and show me the ropes of homeownership. The termite inspector finds no signs of termites, but rodent tenants. The home appraiser is the one that throws the wrench in the entire process...I am sitting in a class yesterday when I get a text from TC. "Bad news...the townhouse only appraised for $20K LESS than my offer price and the seller does NOT have that much extra." REALLY...I just paid $1000 for the inspections for this seller to let her know she is going to have to save up some more money OR rent it a little nice of me!!!!! FAIL #6

So...this is five houses and three townhouses I have now considered potential homes. I am less than a week from being homeless and I am getting BACK on the real estate express. I am determined I will NOT move from one apartment complex to another apartment complex because it is time to put money back in MY pocket! So, TC and her real estate partner JW chauferred me around their new potential listings, moving into a higher price bracket because I have already seen everything that is NOT a HUD home in the price bracket I have given them. After looking at eight listings, I think because I lost track counting, we narrowed the search down to four potentials.

OFFER #7: A three bedroom/two and a half bathroom two-story house with a basement in a natural setting near GEHC in Buford. It is move in ready and has all the kitchen upgrades...granite, stainless steel, and tile. I liked it for the potential of a basement addition because it has already been plumbed for a three-piece bathroom and the scenery.

OFFER #8: A three bedroom/two and a half bathroom two story house with a great loft in a subdivision in Dacula. The kitchen has granite, stainless steel, and hardwood on the bottom floor...good for the allergies! The biggest bedroom is upstairs, but I am willing to sacrifice because of the hardwoods. I just got word from TC that my offer has ben accepted!!! It was my favorite because it already has a fence for Laney and the hardwoods throughout the downstairs. I can add the tile backsplash behind the stove or paint it another color...

OFFER #9: A four bedroom/two and a half bathroom two story house in the same subdivision in Dacula. The kitchen has granite, stainless steel and hardwood in the kitchen, dining, and living rooms. Carpet in the downstairs bedroom, but a whirlpool tub.

Stay posted...

Monday, March 12, 2012

It's all about quality, NOT quantity...

I knew something was going on when I got on the scale tonight and did not gain or lose...

I have battled with my weight since the moment I entered into this world. I have been around Weight Watchers since about the same time I started battling with my weight. I have seen weekly trackers transform from long sheets of paper with many squares to check off to today's technological advance of an app for the iPhone. Recently, I started wondering how accurate the iPhone app really was at tracking...and then the answer came to me this evening when I stepped on the scales. I have to admit I was expecting a plateau this week...

Tonight, J decided to share some of her "nutrition" secrets. These secrets are NOT written into any documentation distributed by Weight Watchers. These secrets are the results of her personal research on eating habits for her husband who suffers from diabetes and for her osteoporosis. These secrets were exactly what I was looking for this week...the clues I have been searching for the past few days. I guess I took for granted that to be successful, all I really needed to do was count I did with the last program. The old point system considered how calories impacted weight loss; while the new Weight Watchers Poinst Plus formula considers the way key nutrients work for weight loss. This new program makes my head hurt sometimes because I have to THINK about what I eat...

J began this evening's meeting by asking if we knew how many points we should eat from each food group daily...of course, we ALL failed this pop-quiz. Here is what I learned tonight:

     Fruits and Vegetables: 5 servings daily for a total of 0 points
     Lean Proteins: 1-2 servings daily for a total of 10 points
     Non-fat/Low-fat Dairy: at least 2 servings daily for a total of 5 points
     Carbohydrates/Whole Grains: a daily total of 10 points
     Liquids: 6 servings daily servings of nonalcoholic beverages
     Fats/Healthy Oils: 2 teaspoons daily for a total of 4 points
     Watch your intake of sodium, added sugar, and alcohol

     Breakfast: 4-5 points daily
     Lunch: 8 points daily
     Dinner: 10-11 points daily
     Snacks: 2-3 points daily

This week, my focus will not be on the QUANTITY but the QUALITY of my food's hoping for a 5 pounds next week on the scales!!!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

I must confess...

To all my followers, this post is going to begin with an apology. You have followed my journey over the past two months and it is because of you I continue to work so hard each week. Last week, I made one of my biggest mistakes in my weight loss journey...I went MIA from the scale, instead of facing the truth. I knew what the scale was going to say, without having to hear gained weight because you were BAD!!!

My name is Treva Kaye Moeller and I am a cookieaholic...there, it's out in the open! Sugars and carbs have been my best friends all my life, since my first taste of cookie crumbs. I don't remember when or where it happened, but I know the connection was strong! I have a special connection with Girl Scout cookies because I remember peddling them as a little girl. There is just something about a layer of creamy peanut butter floating on a shortbread encased in chocolate that makes me go weak in the knees! I can't resist the combination...

Last week, I was too ashamed of myself to confess this to you! For the past two months, you have read my posts and cheered me on in my journey. I knew if I stepped on that scale last week I was going to have a positive and I was too immature to face the truth! The last thing I wanted to do was let down the people that support me each week. I realize now that while I was in denial, I stole an opportunity for my supporters to let me know I am only human. I was being selfish denying you this opportunity; I was only thinking about me and I feel bad about that...

So, let me update you on my accomplishment on the scales tonight! Ideally it was my goal to lose ten pounds a month, so at week 8 I wanted to reach the 20 pound mark. After the past two weeks, I REALLY had no idea what to expect when I stepped on the scale but I was ready for a gain or a loss. Cutesy wrote my weight on my card...180.6. My initial thought was, "REALLY? I am one pound from my 20 pound pound!" Then, I realized that I had met another goal tonight...I reached my 10% goal. In the past eight weeks, I have lost 19 pounds! I have learned sooo much about myself and my willpower. It took me a while to come to the following realization...I will ALWAYS battle with my weight! Every morning I wake up I will have to make decisions that affect my weight. It's using what I have learned throughout my journey that will make me wise enough to make the right choices. I know there will be times I make the wrong choice, but I can't hide from those choices any more!

So, as this post comes to an end, I want to thank you for trusting in my weight loss journey enough to tune in each week to read what I have to type! It is because of you that I share my life experiences...we are all human and we all make mistakes! Even Adam and Eve tempted fate, and look at how that ended for them...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How does WW know when I have a moment of weakness?

So, for those of you that don't know...I decided to pursue the purchase of my first home three weeks ago. I called my father who has MORE connections that your local street dealer, but he couldn't come up with the name of a real estate agent. I called my friend Laura, to ask her if she knew might happen to know a real estate agent...of course, she knew a person. I got Tracy's information and planned to call her on my break the next day. Before I got home that evening, Tracy had sent me a Facebook friend request and a Facebook message. Before I went to bed that evening, Tracy had sent me two emails with houses to look at she. She sent me the link to the mortgage broker and I filled out my loan application online that evening also. All I can say is that girl is a motivated real estate agent!

After spending the weekend looking at MLS listings, trying to imagine where I would call home I was able to narrow my choices down to six houses. I made plans with Tracy to meet on Friday afternoon to look at four of the six houses. I convinced my parents to drive from Athens to The Mall of Georgia area to go house shopping with me, so I felt really bad that they had driven all that way...yes, I did buy their dinner that night! Whether it was fate or first time buyers luck...three of the four houses had a contract on them before the Friday's business day!!! We did look at two houses that that was NOT going to work and one that was the WRONG house, but very nice!

Tracy had sent me a last-minute MLS Thursday night and I met her at that address the next morning...interestingly, it was two houses down from the WRONG house! The WRONG house was over 2,500 square feet and $131,000...No, thanks! The house two doors down was 2,100 square feet and $99,000...Much better! Confession #1: I enjoy watching The Property Brothers on HGTV for their stimulating advice on looking at the "hidden potential" of fixer-uppers...and the twins are not too bad themselves!!! Laney's only wish for the new hosue was a fenced in yard so she could exercise. My only wish was for the new house was 3 bedrooms/2 bathrooms in a nice neighborhood. The new house is in definite need of TLC...and a pressure washer, some bleach, some air fresheners, a few paint brushes, some paint, an industrial strength carpet cleaner,  and an entire line of cleaning supplies!!! It's the hidden potential, as I had to remind my father Sunday night...

Confession #2: I did not tell my parents I wrote an offer on this house until later that day...I wasn't sure they would believe I was capable of doing something like that on my own. I waited ALL day on Monday, Tuesday, and finally on Wednesday Tracy called to prepare me for the next email of MLS listings. Thursday evening, I received a text from was the seller's counter-offer!!! My offer was $90,000...the counter-offer was $95,000. That was the counter-offer I expected, so I had a decision to make...

And now this week's reference to WW...While I was in the pro/con process an entire box of Girl Scout Samoas miraculously disappeared!!! I didn't even really want ALL 15 of those cookies, but they were sooo tasty!!!!! I seriously contemplated skipping out on WW last night because I was experiencing regret and disappointment. Regret because I ate ALL the cookies in one sitting and disappointment because I ate ALL the cookies!!!!! As I prepared to face that scale for the sixth week, I didn't know what to expect. Now, I know that I repeatedly state that I don't know what to expect each week when I step on the scale but after the first month I stopped making weekly goals. I figure a negative is a positive and a positive is a negative...and needs a come to Jesus moment! I managed to lose 2 pounds this week, despite the Hershey's Pot of Gold heart AND  the box of Samoas...did I forget to mention the heart? So, the moral of this post is the fight the battle against those Girl Scouts and their little sinful cookies...